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The Witch Doctor I think one of the funnier things about my dad was that he could be very superstitious in a way about eastern medicine, and 'energy' stuff. I remember one time him telling me some cure he was thinking of trying for stomachaches and I fell on the floor laughing and had to tell him that he just listed the ingredients for a science fair project -- the one where you make a volcano using baking soda and vinegar or whatever it is. Needless to say, he didn't end up trying that particular witch doctor cure.
Visits Whenever Dad visited me, he cooked/bought something to bring. He would make a pot of gumbo just to bring us some. Lucy's favorite contribution was cornbread, and once he knew that he always brought it.
Guitar Hero My dad was a great guitarist, and played his entire life. Whenever I would visit home you could trace him to whatever room you heard the guitar notes drifting out of. Guitar picks would pop up all over the house unexpectedly.
Career My dad was always my number one champion with career stuff. I remember when I was younger I had this single focus on getting into the Defense industry, and it wasn't easy at first. My dad was always there to listen to my work stories, and cheer me on. He was a great guy that way. For all of us, his kids and his friends, he would just cheer you on towards whatever it is you were working towards. He was probably the most supportive person I've ever known in my entire life, and I'll always love him for that.
Twenty Something I know for me and all my siblings, my dad was our rock when we were in that twenty-something phase where you don't know what is what, and you need help. It was sometimes just advice. My dad taught me how to check pressure in my tires, and convinced me away from my strategy of just pouring more oil in whenever the oil light in my car came on. He also taught me the basics of electrical wiring, which is what he did when our dryer went out mysteriously.
One Year One year ago exactly, today. I lost my dad. It was definitely the hardest thing I've ever gone through, although I realize how cliche that sounds. But it is harder than that to explain. My father and I went through so many hard times together. He had a heart attack and stroke when I was twenty, which was very hard for him obviously. I took care of him though, so it was hard on me as well. From the stroke, he lost part of his vision, and had to retire early. I know both of those things really ate away at him. Regardless, my dad was a great man. He was in his heart, a teacher. No matter how sick he ever was, as soon as he was on his feet he was mentoring kids, or teaching my brothers friends things. He had a true generosity of spirit that meant no matter how tough his own circumstances were he would always give anything for the people he loved. I love you dad, and I miss you. And as I've said in a couple of other places, I know you would want me to be happy, so I am trying to be.
McDonalds One of the silly things I love most about my dad. He was a sensitive soul in a lot of regards. To the point that any time we got fast food he would never let us go through the drive through. He would always tell me he liked 'the personal experience'. And me being a jerk would deadpan 'Dad, McDonalds is the least personal place on earth.' And we would both chuckle. As more and more interaction is online I treasure the sincerity he had in saying that. He wasn't silly, he was kind. And he valued connecting with another human being. I think that is something I need to carry with me, always. And I love him for it.
Miss you, dad I've been thinking so much about my dad lately. And all I can say, is I miss you buddy.
Electrical wiring Dad used to bring home huge spools of wire from work, and me and my siblings would make it into all kinds of stuff. For a 3-D Sculpture class in college I used it to gut and remake this crazy lamp by turning it into this weird electric version of a chinese lantern with wire latticed to make the shape and tissue paper paper mached over the outside. He thought it was hilarious. Driving to and from school, I would put it in the carseat I had for babysitting and buckle it into the seatbelt so that it wouldn't break going to and from class. He got such a kick out of that.
Wonder what you'd be up to Its been about two years, and I wonder what my dad would be getting into now. What bands he'd be telling me about, what he'd be doing.