One Year


"One year ago exactly, today. I lost my dad. It was definitely the hardest thing I've ever gone through, although I realize how cliche that sounds. But it is harder than that to explain. My father and I went through so many hard times together. He had a heart attack and stroke when I was twenty, which was very hard for him obviously. I took care of him though, so it was hard on me as well. From the stroke, he lost part of his vision, and had to retire early. I know both of those things really ate away at him. Regardless, my dad was a great man. He was in his heart, a teacher. No matter how sick he ever was, as soon as he was on his feet he was mentoring kids, or teaching my brothers friends things. He had a true generosity of spirit that meant no matter how tough his own circumstances were he would always give anything for the people he loved. I love you dad, and I miss you. And as I've said in a couple of other places, I know you would want me to be happy, so I am trying to be. "

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